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Two deadlines are nearing for school boards to complete needs for putting a referendum on the ballot in the subsequent election. I am assuming that considering that you are selecting to read a blog about education that I do not have to tell you the value of voting for new Peoria Public College board members on April 7. If you are in the third district of PSD150, you have an incredibly crucial job whether or not you have young children in the district. He is not a blogger but is who instilled in me the adore of education and who keeps me on my toes about the happenings of this district. The failures are the sad but true outcome of this college board and their choice for superintendent.

The sad fact that two of our schools, Harrison Principal and Roosevelt Magnet School, ranked as the bottom two schools out of the 1913 public schools in the State of Illinois according to the ISAT scores in 2013-14 is, as they would say on Wisconsin Avenue, Remarkable”. It is her applications, the ones that she has instituted, and the board of education authorized, that have lead to this poor displaying. Yes, you study it properly, Three of bottom ten schools in the state of Illinois are from our personal Peoria Public Schools. In June 2010, the Illinois State Board of Education adopted a price range that zeroed out the $3 million funding below Gov.

Charter Oak Main School, a 2012 -13 National Blue Ribbon School recipient plummeted 1358 spots from the days of Blue Ribbon Status to a ranking of 1387 out of 1913 elementary schools in Illinois. Credit goes to the Board of Education and the superintendent once more on the decision to modify the dynamics of the school in order to acquire Title I status to be eligible for minimal federal funding. If you never like the statistics, the information that has been shared in this publication, and you live within the District 150 boundaries, please make contact with your elected board of education member.

When a single school’s scores dropped (Charter Oak) it was, in my opinion, a wonderful smoke screen for the two schools who now rank the worst in the state. In fact, I firmly should emphasize that if teachers and college admins had been permitted to do the job that they are capable to do in and environment conducive to studying, I genuinely do not believe our schools would come in final. Proposal: External specialists in the field (not the board or any internal admin) shall evaluate the superintendent’s progress and shortcomings and address them.

You are going to be kept up to date on how Illinois education is evolving, what you can do to support boost our schools, and main topics connected to educating our youngsters for the genuine world. It also supplies much more than $800,000 in other grants, sources and curriculum to more than 29,000 students and 321 programs a year at the middle and higher college level, according to Jess Smithers, coordinator of Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education.