You can sell something a teacher may possibly want for teaching which can be sold as a digital download. My late brother (Ralph) and I visited the college in about 1995 on a trip to Zim, as we walked up the corridor we met him and he recognised us and knew our names. It was really touching to tour the college following all those years (the headmistress of the time was quite good, getting an afternoon, we had freedom to roam as we pleased). When we moved back to Durban, I was sad to go but after back there, I assimilated to life in SA and went to college down there. After college I worked for the Posts and Telecomms Corporation as a Telecomms Technician, then for Plessey after that.

I’ve just done a lens on Bulawayo:) I went to Leander School, then Hillside School and ultimately St Peters. We lived on Dunfermline Road and our dog, a big cocker spaniel, utilised to check out the school periodically to check up on us. Teachers, I don’t forget Mrs Kidson who gave us Afrikaans lessons, and Mrs Marsden Huggins who used to be brought to school by her husband, also a college teacher, in a stunning white E-Sort Jag.

Teachers I don’t forget are Mr Creasey (yes, he did have canes, didn’t he, but I don’t bear in mind him getting mean with them) and Mrs Kidson, who was my class teacher, but memories are all rather hazy, sadly. Miss Ketz taught me std4 Mr Fuller std5 till i was moved up a stream to Mr Cleggs 78-80 effortlessly the happiest of my college years. Mr. Little, my creative-writing teacher, was my preferred back in the 1968-69 school year.

Still, on 5th September every year he is revered as a fantastic teacher and along with him according to his wish all the teachers are showered with honor in India. Keeping this in thoughts I want to exclaim a point that India is a land of assortment and it is also a land of great teachers. Prior to him there have been a lot of wonderful teachers in India and even there were several fantastic teaching contemporaries of him.

Then too, this day is celebrated in India as an honor to the present teachers and with a mark of respect to the departed excellent teaching souls. Today, in this hub let me highlight some eminent scientists who have been excellent teachers too. He recommended the students to study books and study the notes given by the teachers but stressed on using their own brain.