How To Use Aesop

Aesop EducationWeber College District staff use AESOP for submitting leave requests, and finding substitutes for classes. If you DO need to have a sub and just want the system to contact for 1 (no a single in particular), you can just click Save” and you will be assigned a Confirmation quantity and you are finished creating your absence. In general, a sub will start getting calls two days ahead of time if a job has not been picked up on-line. No, you must enter two jobs, a single for the time that the school covered you and then one particular for the time in which the sub will have time to get there. This will ensure your absence time is calculated correctly and that the sub is only paid for the time worked. For these modern day fables, I apply the Aesop story of the widow with helpers.

When getting into absences afterwards make sure to verify no sub necessary.” After that time, you must ask your college or department operator to enter the absence for you. Just follow directions when you click on the link and your sub will be capable to pull up your file. If the cancellation is within 24 hours of the begin time of the job, the sub should be known as by the school to insure they know of the cancellation. If you do not have Cancel Absence Request button, your cancel time has passed and you will have to go to your Aesop Operator to cancel it. If you alter your telephone quantity in the kind, that will be your new User ID in Aesop.

The PIN begins out as your 5-digit employee ID (so no major ). The ID and PIN can be changed after you log into Aesop. The Aesop method is a sub finder but it also performs a lot of other functions, a single of which is absence tracking. The ONLY exception is if you are taking Educational Leave (ie, attending a conference) and no substitute is necessary. You can contact into Aesop at 1-800-942-3767 and use the very same login data that you do on the personal computer.

Logging an absence by means of the phone operates the identical as undertaking it on the laptop, just adhere to the voice prompts. The substitute demands to sign into the Aesop web website and, employing the interactive calendar, click on the day they want to cancel. When a sub cancels an absence they will no longer see it as available so it need to only be employed if they are one hundred% certain they can not take the job. Please do not call the Township of Union Board of Education absentee phone technique as this is no longer valid.Aesop Education

When entering an absence, please wait till you acquire a confirmation number prior to you terminate the telephone contact or close your internet browser window. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please speak to Donna Hubbard by phone or e mail as listed under. There will be less sub competitors – I am betting subs are probably really eager to take jobs right now.Aesop Education