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Secondary EducationIn order to acquire a much better image of external situations which could have an effect on an organization and its market, leaders of postsecondary institutions must engage in the practice of environmental scanning (Morrison, 2005 Fathi & Wilson, 2009). It is no secret that the American technique of principal and secondary education is modeled soon after the Prussian education model, which has its personal inherent conformist and purpose-driven ideologies. Several of the most sophisticated classical civilizations such as Greece did not have a formal education system, let alone a compulsory one particular. What was most striking to me was the reality that the questioning of main education hasn’t occurred to me at all preceding to Foucalt.

Woodrow Wilson himself mentioned that America desires 1 class to have a liberal education and another class, a very significantly bigger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to execute specific difficult manual tasks” (p. 45, Underground). As the remainder of this essay will try to reveal, the American education program was founded as an institution to give obedient and capable workers for the American industrial engine. What is even much more striking is public opinion of education and its basic part in society that is typically taken for granted.

In the case of the American education technique, the equivalent strategy of the habitual union of ideas” is utilised to type public opinion, by generating education itself synonymous with top a typical and prosperous life, and by all accounts producing it one particular of the most basic prerequisites to achievement. But it is essential to note that universal compulsory education systems are a really recent phenomenon, almost occurring parallel to the development of industrialized societies.

In numerous ways, it is extremely irrational for the modern day education method to be taken for granted as such an ingrained and necessary institution for each and every single individual. Education is an massive time and monetary commitment and parents relinquish their control and education of their kids to strangers, but continue to send kids to schools simply because it is mandatory and anticipated. Students are endlessly compared and differentiated, and later placed into classes according to their degree of advancement.Secondary EducationSecondary Education

William Torrey Harris, the US Commissioner of Education from 1889 to 1906, mentioned of education: ninety-nine students out of a hundred are automata, cautious to walk I prescribed paths, careful to stick to prescribed custom. This is not an accident but the result of substantial evidence, which, scientifically defined, is the subsumption of the person.” This interpretation of education nearly fully reiterates Foucalt’s description of the reduction of the soul,” the suppression of the person and the reduction of humans into functions.