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Successfully submitted in partial fufilment of the requirements for the Award of Masters (M.A.) in Third Level Learning and Teaching to the Dublin Institute of Technologies, June 2003. Going deeper, I based my educational philosophies on some desirable and successful concept formulated by the specialists such as the 4 pillars of education wherein my students will be studying to read & write, finding out to take pleasure in life, understanding by undertaking of talent & attitude and studying to do know, reside, & to be pleased. Frobel considers that the aim of education is that man only may possibly effectively understand the concept of unity in diversity.

In the end, I would like to finish my statement of education philosophy by leaving some striking lines from my favorite song entitled the Greatest Enjoy of All”. Educators of philosophy of education facilitate the individual’s exploration of self subjectivity to create tools with which to adapt to and operate within the globe. PES must be an audacious community” (#6) that embodies and exemplifies the excitement, joy, and exuberance that can and ought to be portion of educational experiences at any level. PES is a space that supports and facilitates the philosophical study of education and schooling.

He died on 21st June 1852, but he lives for the youngsters and as it have been , continues to pour a silent whisper in the ears of education ,”come let us live for our children”. Education must create the innate qualities of the childchild’s own activities are the best medium of education. The same is afterwards represented with the support of construction function in blocks, paper clay, drawing or other components.

The ideal education of child is feasible in the school exactly where he participates in the maximum quantity of social activities. Frobel had also realised that till the education was reformed nothing at all strong and worthy could be accomplished. Contemporary education is really cautious to see that adequate scope is provided for the free play of the impulses and instincts of youngsters.

It will not be wrong to say that it is due to the influence of Frobel that we uncover a trend to entrust the education at the pre principal or pre basic stage to women teachers who are considered to be more suited for this activity of instruction at this stage. So cultivating an capacity of young individuals to feel with originality and creativity is a key priority for educational systems in each and every country. And a broad liberal education is extremely well suited to developing these characteristics of thought. Each demand a sophisticated potential to analyze and purpose about behavior and about the needs of society.