How To Be A Good Writer

This article is intended to answer questions from my friends. My friend asked for advice to me :

  1. How to be able to Write Well & Good?
  2. How to Place intense word from the articles?
  3. How to be the best top Essay Writing Services?

Frankly I be asking myself. I’m still a beginner. Still studying. I will answer with my experience. Reiterated what the my teachers taught.

To write well and correctly, we must first have the willingness. Often we feel inferior because we are bad writing, not readable, not sequence and so on. The solution is Free Writing!

Suppose we talk in our diary, do not care about grammar, semicolon and spelling. The important thing is to write first. What is important is the idea can be describe in writing. Our feelings and thoughts described with positive medium. Once the idea was set forth, we can edit and make the writing as a whole.

Writing in The Daily Notes

I prefer to call it contemplation. That is, contemplating in full (according to the application KBBI 1.3). Why contemplation? Due to contemplate I can release steam, sadness, anger, sadness, happiness, emotion. Writing everything in a diary.

When there is a wild ideas arise, we can write it in the diary. This is the advice of my techer, Mr. Katedra. The idea is a supernatural creature, comes not picked up was escorted home. Can not we call anytime. The ideas we need to write a, note to us at a later date or day. The benefits of writing in a diary, which I feel is fluency in expressing your ideas. Familiarize yourself “chattering”. By writing in a diary, to contemplate, we practice expressing themselves. With the habit, over time we would be interested in writing in other forms, such as poetry, short stories or opinions.

Familiarize Yourself With Writing

Write every day and see what happens. That’s what I remember of Uncle Jay. Yes, indeed write every day is DIFFICULT. But that does not mean impossible. The proof, many writer addicted wrote in every day.Someone write three to four posts a day. Writing in a diary also includes exercises to familiarize themselves on writing. If we get used to write articles, we will be the Author of The Article.

The bottom line is exercise. With continuous practice we will get used to and yes we can. There have been many people who prove, by practicing hard every day, they can be successful. The virtuoso guitarist even practicing 8 hours a day to reach the level of the “God Finger”, Balawan practicing for five years to REVIVE his right hand, to be able to play the guitar with two handed tapping technique.

What is a “Good Writing” ?

I think we have to distinguish two things. Good writing, is written in accordance with good grammar. Readers would have been happy with the writing in accordance with good grammar, not too wordy. To make good writing, a writer must learn grammar.

Great article? This is very subjective nature. Good writing according to one person is not necessarily good in others. There are things that I remember from the books written guide I read, every professional writer must have been a novice or newbie. Certainly , they ever feel bad writing, but they never stopped writing, to the quality of their writing to be good.

Reading Books About Writing

I suggest to my friends to read books on writing. By reading the book’s authorship, we can know the tricks them directly. Can see a live example and to practice according to their directives.

Books on authorship can also be uplifting to write. The spirit of writing is often fireworks flared. The authors of this book gives motivation to continue writing. I felt after reading their books, there are always new things that I can from books. These books can also be a source of ideas in writing.