How Some Workers are Pursuing Personal Passions in Their Careers

Compensation and benefits matter a great deal to most workers today, but these are only part of the complete picture. When it comes to career satisfaction, a company that has a mission employees can get behind tends to foster a great deal of positivity, loyalty, and other productive outcomes. As their LinkedIn profile shows, working for a business like NuVet Labs can turn out to be a great way to sign up with and support a cause that many people already support on their own.

Pets, after all, are some of the most treasured companions of all. More Americans than ever before own dogs and cats, and they are spending record amounts on keeping them happy and fulfilled. Companies like NuVet formulate and produce food and other products that contribute to healthy, luxurious coats, stronger immune systems, and general satisfaction with life.

Working for a business like this can therefore be extremely rewarding on this particular count, but in other ways, as well. While many companies in this industry are fairly large and driven by the pursuit of maximizing the gains of shareholders, this is not the case for all of them. Smaller businesses like this one that remain privately held tend to offer up more interesting opportunities to their workers, with quite a bit more variety of work being the norm.

Those who work for such businesses also tend to enjoy other types of career satisfaction that would not be anywhere near as likely at much larger ones. With only a few dozen employees, at most, contributing to the company’s success, each individual’s contributions become more significant and much easier to measure.

Coupled with an inherently positive mission that so many can relate to in personal terms, this helps makes businesses like this top candidates for workers who think deeply about how best to fulfill themselves in career terms. While it can seem as if working for a larger company regardless of its mission might produce the most impressive financial returns, satisfaction of other kinds tends to require a bit more research. For those who make the effort, combining a personal priority like a deep feeling for pets with a satisfying career might just become realistic.