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Finding a Car Title Loan Provider One of the most interesting things about car title loans is that even people with low income or bad credit can get cash for their car title, provided this is clear. So if you need money and you have a car, you can use your vehicle to get you some, especially if it’s almost paid off. Yes, the car will serve as collateral for the loan. There’s something very important that you have to know though, especially if you have a low income or credit score. Some lenders may just take advantage of you.
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These are companies that are known for predatory lending practices, where the borrower never benefits. They may, for instance, use extremely aggressive sales tactics, like making a cash-strapped prospect get subprime loans that do not actually work for the borrower’s interest.
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Among the most obvious telltale signs of an unscrupulous lender is a skyrocketing interest rate. This is one of the most critical aspects of a loan deal because on it dictates that total amount that you’ll end up paying for the loan. Some lenders advertise their interest rate only on monthly terms. But it’s important that you consider the annual interest rate if you’re borrowing cash for more than a year. Some predatory lenders will use balloon payments to hide the real weight of the financing. What this means is that borrowers will have no choice but to roll over the loan into yet another agreement. The result is that they will pay way more in interest charges than the amount they borrowed initially. You should do all you can to ensure that you don’t end up in this scenario. Another type of lender you should avoid is that which hides the fact that the loan price is actually negotiable, and that you as a borrow can negotiate an upfront reduction in interest rate or other loan charges/ These companies will lock borrowers into very tight terms, charge extremely high interest rates, and keep them in perennial debt until their only option is to surrender their car title or deal with repossession. The good news is, reputable car title loan lenders far outnumber those that are disreputable. You just need to find them by doing honest-to-goodness research. You can seek referrals from friends and relatives, coworkers or maybe trusted neighbors. When you get a few names of companies, start knowing more about them and compare their services and rates. Whichever company you decide to go with, you have to know your rights as a consumer. Read up on the laws that protect you, such as the Federal Truth in Lending Act, which necessitates certain APR and loan term disclosures. The more informed you are as a borrower, the better the deal you can get and the more secured you are.