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Contemplating that the Board of Regents approves tuition waiver scholarships for the objective of auditing classes by senior citizens, these institution with no information located should be contacted to make confident that tuition waivers are in truth available for senior citizens. The Oklahoma Geological Survey reports they are in the approach of collecting data from the earthquakes which occurred along a known fault line. The Oklahoma State Division of Wellness reports two minor injuries related to the Saturday evening earthquake. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is continuing inspections of the on-technique bridges within a 50-mile radius of the epicenter. A storm method will strategy Oklahoma late tonight by way of Tuesday, bringing a possibility for much required rainfall and potentially serious thunderstorms.

Extreme thunderstorms are feasible Monday afternoon and evening across a lot of central and western Oklahoma. For Oklahoma residents seeking non-emergency disaster or overall health and human service info, please get in touch with your nearby two-1-1. Due to its strategic partnerships and neighborhood support, as effectively as the current prominence of education reform in Las Vegas and Nevada, Teach For America was able to bring 145 corps members to our city’s highest want schools and topic regions in 2013. Each day we are developing a bold and transformative partnership with the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan.

Almost 50% of teachers are at present placed in the high-need places of STEM and SPED , as effectively as 16% in Early Childhood Education To serve the students with the highest need to have, Teach For America and CCSD strategically place corps members at 1 and 2 star schools (lowest performing, out of five stars). This scholarship system was developed using the State of Florida’s McKay Scholarships as a model.

Erica Mosca (‘08) is the founder of the non-profit Leaders in Instruction , a four-year following college system that encompasses monetary literacy, larger education info, and leadership skills to attend and graduate college. Our corps members and other educators use their expertise to not only expose our students to what is possible – by way of their presence and further perspective – but then also fight to empower their students with the skills to make it a reality.

In early 2011, Kevin Huffman (Houston ’92) was appointed Commissioner of Education for the state of Tennessee and he swiftly recruited many Teach For America alumni to join him at the state level. Eleven different alumni from 9 different regions joined Kevin and now hold considerable positions inside Memphis college districts and the Tennessee Department of Education. The mission of the ASD is to turn the bottom 5 % of schools in the state into top 25 % performing schools within a 5 years. They went on to lead 92 % of their students to pass the Gateway with 55 % of their students scoring in the advanced” variety.