Harris County Division Of Education

The Houston County Board of Education Central Warehouse Facility is the central warehouse facility for all of the Houston County Schools. The district advised them that they would have to open the zone up to the entire county & that change was not created. The district did not have a issue with The Museum School’s charter, just the appearance that it was intended to be a school for a distinct area of the county (which is not allowed below charter regulations). Diversity is an important characteristic of The Museum College, and school and board leadership are, and will usually be, committed to guaranteeing a diverse population of students, staff and board members.

In the method of planning the college, organizers quickly realized that opening the attendance zone to all of DeKalb County would, inside a handful of short years and possibly right away, force the creation of an overcrowded lottery method with a lengthy waiting list every year. Consequently, in deciding on the 30002 ZIP code as the original proposed attendance zone, they sought to produce a zone that was more diverse, racially and socio-economically, than the city of Avondale Estates itself, yet nevertheless manageable in terms of the number of kids located within that zone.

In its letter denying a charter to The Museum School, the DeKalb County College Technique did cite a concern about the proposed attendance zone, but the county also cited the school’s museum idea and its potential partner list amongst other causes for the denial. The school’s attendance zone has roughly the same racial and socio-financial demographics as these of DeKalb County.

In addition, it is governed by a diverse board that welcomes application for board membership from any person interested in applying, regardless of residency within the attendance zone. Please visit the school and see for yourself what it really is all about: Tour the school, attend board meetings and meet board members and school leaders. Museum College board and college leaders continue to function hard toward the inclusion of all families inside the diverse attendance zone.

Welcome to DeKalb County School Watch, where a dedicated group of parents and neighborhood members are functioning to hold details flowing from DCSS administration to the community with regards to our schools. More changes came to the Southside college district right after the 2015 College Board elections Team members had been a no show at firing of suspended Superintendent. Commissioner Rodriguez states he’s contacted the DA about a petition to take away ESD6 board members.