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The Class of 2006-2007, is the 6th Leadership class and has chosen to begin the initial phase of the Tennessee Ridge Walking Trail. A big bouquet to the myriad churches, synagogues, civic and governmental organizations and the several excellent-hearted folks who offer you their time, talents and resources to give the homeless in our nation a helping hand. There wasn’t a lot I did not know about the city of Norwalk, compu-intelligent, because I covered all the offices at City Hall each and every day as properly as the meetings of the Typical Council (legislative), the Board of Estimate and Taxation (economic), Planning and Zoning and the Redevelopment Agency.

But then, in my opinion, I think he just did that as a payback to the unions for their vote, seeing as how the only jobs that were becoming given had been union jobs, not employment for the standard joe off the street. You will nonetheless be able to add charter schools just as you have been, total with an appeals procedure to the State Board of Education. He said he does not count on the Legislature to come up with new income for charter schools on top of what’s already budgeted for public education. The State of Georgia has drastically reduce the state education spending budget over the final many years.

These cuts are evidenced in our schools now: bigger classroom size, shorter school year, teacher furloughs – which are primarily teacher pay cuts – add to this, the reality that the student population is increasing whilst resources are shrinking, not just at the state level, but also at the neighborhood level. Since these new charter schools will be funded from the existing state education budget, we will be taking a lot more funds from our currently strapped schools, to fund new schools.

An additional point to keep in mind: these special state” schools are not mandated to provide transportation, employ accredited teachers, or serve special education students. How nice to see altruistic good Samaritans from across the country ponying up massive bucks, so poor little Georgia youngsters can have a decent education. Here’s the point, public education in Georgia needs improvement, not too several people would argue with that.

The public education for sale” sign is out, and the for-profit school management groups are greedily lining up and lining legislator’s pockets as well. For-Profit Charter School Management groups, who are currently generating hefty campaign donations, in anticipation of acquiring their greedy tiny hands on the ginormous pot of gold, that would be your education tax dollars people. As his claim to fame touts Coordinated essential collaboration for statewide education policy and legislation initiatives.” You betcha.