Freezing The Teacher Salary Schedule Could Save $25,000,000 A Year

Salaries are determined by years of service, qualifications and promotional level. The multi-year agreement was aimed at addressing an anomaly that has existed for years, whereby teachers who have been component of the method for a quantity of years received the exact same salary as a teacher of the exact same or related status who recently started the profession. So the COLA and Base Pay are fixed from the State and this will be the only COLA more than an EIGHT year period.

Thursday’s pay a visit to by the Minister of State and group followed a letter from the union requesting an urgent meeting and a quantity of troubles had been raised by members of the union. They would be performing this even if the state did raise its base, Wood said, which implies salaries have improved at a sluggish pace. Apart from job satisfaction & security, you get investigation grants apart from your simple salary.

The tri spend becoming bargained right now amongst SPS and SEA is a % of base spend on the teacher state spend scale. Guess who does and who does not 🙂 It tends to make it difficult to figure out the quantity of cash due to the fact we’re truly talking about increases based on 75% of teacher salary. I do not know initially what TRI was based on, but now there is a pay scale that matches the state teacher scale in terms of education and years of encounter. If a 5% raise was negotiated, then whatever quantity of funds that turns out to be would be added to the present TRI pay the teacher would receive. For instance, the real annual salary of a Czech teacher is only about USD 12,000.

If you go on the SPS site below careers, you can find the SPS scale which breaks out state pay and TRI pay. As the Base Pay is currently only 75% of the total spend, SPS / SEA are negotiating more than the Levy funds/additional State Funds. If TRI is paid according to its original intention – to compensate for the additional hours worked at teacher disgression (all those unpaid further hours teachers operate), then it would be a raise. SPS and SEA have ZERO manage over the state COLA so IMHO, it must be dropped from the conversation. This is the math for the SPS proposal for a two% raise for the same teacher creating $50,000/yr.

I believe it is actually disingenuous not to consist of the state COLA in their raise calculations, due to the fact what the public wants to know is how considerably their teacher’s pay is going up and if that is fair compensation, not what pot it comes from. In other words, they negotiation is over the 75% base salary, not the total salary so making use of whole percentage is really misleading.