Florida’s Governor Is No Great For Florida

Joan Reeves, president of the Baldwinsville Central School District Board of Education and a member of the OCM BOCES Board of Education, has won the 2015 Everett R. Dyer Award for Distinguished College Board Service. They have to fight against the education reformers who have by no means been teachers but somehow are allowed to make policies that effect other people’s young children even though their youngsters go to private college. They have to fight against democrats and republicans who take funds from corporations hell bent on privatizing public education and treat education like it is zero-sum game.

We – the future public college teachers – should come collectively and educate one particular an additional on what is going on. We must band together collectively, in partnership with existing public school teachers, parents, students, and community members, and reclaim our education system and our future profession. New Jersey, USA – Particular Education Parent Advocate, Public Education Advocate, Co-Founder of APCS and my opinions here are my own.

Existing and future teachers need to, have to, should get involved, be active, fight for what we think in, and most importantly never let any individual convince us future teachers not to go into education – we are the next generations of teachers. Yesterday, I had a conversation with Melissa, actually I need to say an additional conversation, about how her local Board of Education does a not wonderful job of informing the public about their meetings – especially with regard to producing their meeting agendas public. So, Melissa went house and looked at surrounding districts’ web sites for their Board agendas.

A member of the public brings up a legitimate concern regarding how this Board conducts its business, that is by the way, theoretically prosecute-in a position, and the VP’s response is at very first to be rude, and then absurd by asking the police officer to eliminate her. I served as board secretary for the Plainfield Municipal Staff Association Union for 8 years exactly where I received an award for committed service in 2005. As a devoted, concerned, and involved parent, I became the liaison with the school’s PTO and worked to increase the quality of education for all students.

I served as a Deaconess for over 16 years at Shiloh Baptist Church, Elizabeth, NJ. I am at present a member of St. James AME Church in Newark, NJ, a member of the NAACP and I’ve been proudly serving on the Plainfield School Board for the previous 3 years. My College Board colleagues and I changed a polarized Board of Education into a cohesive operating group. The number of each response corresponds to the number assigned to the questions above.