Educational Credit Union

The Educational Credit Union (ECU) has recently established a new way for the neighborhood to show their help for the Mission. Part of the challenge of going beyond demographics for economic services segmentation is that some key data components could be missing on a banks consumer database or could be hard to collect for modeling purposes due to internal data silos (item use, channel use, invest and payment data, etc.). Secondly, the difficulty and/or cost of acquiring some primary customer data might be prohibitive (social insights, credit insights).

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In 1958, our charter was amended to expand our field of membership to contain workers of all public schools in Calhoun County, Bellevue Township and Climax Community Schools and our name was changed to School Employees Credit Union. In 1962 the Credit Union accomplished the milestone of $1 million in assets only 3 years soon after reaching the half million dollar mark in 1959. On December 1, 1999 we changed our name to United Educational Credit Union to better represent our field of membership.

By way of the years, our charter was amended numerous instances to contain educationally associated groups in numerous geographical places, as well as educational organizations and retirees. We are now chartered as a neighborhood credit union, with membership open to anybody who lives, functions, worships or attends college inside nine counties in reduce Michigan, as well as inside a 25 mile radius of our branch offices in Albion, Coldwater and Kalamazoo.

Over the years, United Educational Credit Union has also established a niche in servicing members of diverse cultural communities, such as the Hispanic/Latino and Burmese communities. Decode statement syntax , educational credit union topeka ks, educational cross word puzzle, educational cross word puzzles, educational crossword. But it need to be noted that 19 of these 20 credit unions have been undercapitalized.