Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

World Education Services (WES) gives educational credential assessments (ECAs) as component of the application approach for skilled immigrants. I do have a pile up of perform and a quantity of unattended chores which you can instantly assist me with, I hope we can meet up with the workload ultimately. [email protected]: Thats why I have your computers address and a list of people you have emailed the same email to from different names. I’m willing to Pay $350 weekly plus $50 for transportation or petrol, i will be needing your solutions 3 Days in a week and at any appropriate time that fits your schedule. This position is really versatile and it is hard judging the exact quantity of hours you will be undertaking, just bear it in thoughts that there will be busier weeks than other folks with a steady spend.

As of now, I am nevertheless unsure of the Physical address of the apartment exactly where we would be staying but will instruct The Rental agent to mail the keys and address of the apartment to you as soon as the location is prepared so that you can do all cleaning essential before Our arrival. I applied to a number of posts that sounded actually excellent till they asked for a credit report.

I am currently in England now for a project, nevertheless, I do have a quantity of issues you could aid me with instantly, prior to my arrival. Kindly get back to me with the Western Union MTCN #, the Total Quantity sent, and the Sender’s Name and Address as soon as you have the funds sent. The package has been rescheduled and it will be delivered any moment from now, Here is the tracking quantity 798216947495.

I am a keep at home mom continually looking for jobs for friends and family of mine, so I have the time and dedication it will take to produce and filter the net site, however I am limited on making a single. Then ahead of applying to a hotel job I put the email address into Google to see if I could uncover out what hotel the job was at. All of a sudden I found out about the Flake List. Not to mention I am quite worried since this particular person has my resume, address, and telephone quantity.

If a person could donate their time and knowledge to get one started they could train me and other people that volunteer, that have a heart for these that are unemployed and sincerely need to have jobs to support their families such as placing food on the table and gas in the tank to get to operate the subsequent day. Right after I decide you are not attempting to scam me I will be far more than happy to give you my telephone quantity so we can talk about this project on a a lot more personable level of communication.