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This announcement from the Obama administration is but one more instance of a troubling trend from this White House where they determine to merely ignore or sidestep Congress when it doesn’t approve their policy preferences. I can’t inform you how numerous conversations I am in with educators who are understandably stressed and concerned about an overemphasis on testing in some areas, and how much time testing and test prep are taking from instruction,” he said, whilst unveiling the department’s new Testing Action Plan. The Obama administration’s pilot plan for opening up federal student help to new educational providers like MOOCs and coding boot camps sidesteps traditional accreditation to a massive extent.

In moderation, intelligent strategic tests can help us measure our kids’ progress in school,” he mentioned, just before outlining the methods in which the education department would seek to temper its hitherto pro-testing policies. WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is arranging new executive action on greater education accreditation in the coming weeks, as element of a push to make accreditors concentrate far more heavily on student outcomes when judging colleges and universities, officials stated Monday. The Education Division is responsible for periodically deciding whether or not accreditors are meeting these requirements. Nonetheless, all this mystery surrounding Obama seems to be a generational issue.

In a July speech calling for greater concentrate on student outcomes in higher education, Education Secretary Arne Duncan referred to as accrediting agencies the watchdogs that do not bark.” He cited a Wall Street Journal evaluation of colleges with graduation prices in the single digits that continued to earn accreditors’ approval. John B. King, who will turn into acting secretary of education following Duncan leaves at the end of this year, framed any modifications to accreditation as element of the administration’s method to boosting completion prices and other student outcomes in larger education.

Education Division officials also mentioned their interest on accreditation has been motivated, in element, by the collapse earlier this year of the Corinthian Colleges for-profit college chain. As the Obama administration calls for accrediting agencies to step up their game in policing low-performing colleges, its officials have also chided accreditors for not becoming versatile enough to let innovation in larger education. They transformed the federal Department of Education into a Division of Educational Privatization.

The Obama administration has also previously stated it wanted to make modifications to accreditation, but some of those preceding efforts have not panned out. Beyond the Education Division, there is expanding dissatisfaction with accreditation across the political spectrum, and accreditors are facing scrutiny from new angles. It codifies in statute the childhood-improvement grant system, a $250 million Obama initiative that had existed only as an appropriation line.