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Did you know that hundreds of education organizations use Sycamore Education to organize and optimize their workflow? Parents can access Smart Tuition from inside the parent portal of Sycamore School to view info about upcoming and previous payments, and to print household tuition statements. Intelligent Tuition is a great answer that accepts several various payment alternatives, and directly syncs with QuickBooks, which will be a massive asset for several of our schools,” says Glen Ellis, CEO of Sycamore Education.

An added advantage to this new integration is that as soon as a parent has logged into their school’s Sycamore School internet site successfully, and has initiated access to the Intelligent Tuition portal, they will be authenticated via Sensible Tuition’s single sign-on method. This will let parents to login to Sycamore and get to their Intelligent Tuition account without having possessing to re-authenticate each and every time, providing them quicker and easier access with less log-in info to sustain. Utilizing Sycamore has revolutionized communication all through our school community.

Connecting Sycamore and Intelligent Tuition streamlines the on the web payment approach for parents by providing them the financial data they want concerning college charges, and the capacity to effortlessly make payments, collectively in a single place. For schools, this gives them the ability to use a broadly-identified economic solution to accept on the internet payments by way of Sycamore. Sycamore works with schools across the United States and in over 40 nations about the globe, offering a comprehensive method for a single low price, no modules or add-ons to obtain. Sycamore College is a comprehensive on the internet student management technique especially made for PreK-12 schools.

The most innovative technique on the industry, Sycamore offers be concerned-free data storage, turn-crucial data migration, and superior, limitless customer support. For the final two years, Intelligent Tuition has ranked as one of the quickest expanding businesses in the education sector of Inc.5000. Sycamore’s PreK-12th grade school information program , Sycamore School, is now integrated with Sensible Tuition, permitting parents in schools and educational organizations making use of the technique to be able to make on the internet payments employing the nicely-recognized payment processor.

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