Don’t Go To Company School

CORRECTION: I have just been informed that Mitchell did not sit on ConnectEDU’s board, but a business known as ConnectED. My name is Fatima Geidi and I reside at the following address: removed I am the mother of name removed age ten. name removed was a student at Upper West Good results Academy charter school at 145 W 84th St, New York, NY 10024 from August 2011 to Feb. I was not contacted at any time beforehand and did not give my consent to the disclosure of my son’s non-directory education record.

The CEO (or Superintendent) of the Success Academy Network is Eva Moskowitz, whose office is situated at the following address: 95 Pine Street, Floor six, New York, NY 10005. As of nowadays, October 30, 2015, these letters containing non-directory information from my son’s education records are nonetheless displayed at the Success Academy web site at the above URLs. All jobs in the US spend a living wage proper now, if it is full time (40 hrs per week).

David Hursh’s New Book, The End of Public Schools: The Corporate Reform Agenda to Privatize Education November three, 2015 University of Rochester (New York) education professor David Hursh has a new book coming out on November 23, 2015: The End of Public Schools: The Corporate Reform Agenda to Privatize Education (Routledge). Very good teachers are retiring early or finding other jobs and enrollments in teacher education applications are declining. Two exemplars of international organizations are The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Pearson Education (hereafter Pearson).

Pushing back will call for both promoting much more democratic types of education but also functioning to lessen financial inequality and poverty and offer well being care, housing, and other services that boost the quality of life. Some of these groups, which includes Education Reform Now, Students 1st NY, Households for Superb Schools, and NY for a Balanced Albany, have interlocking boards and shift funds between each yet another. For the duration of his conference call with reporters, Duncan was joined by Kevin Huffman, Tennessee’s education commissioner.

There is no distinct discussion about the Danielson Framework, the New York State-dictated Measures of Student Finding out (MOSLs) or other elements of New York City’s Advance teacher evaluation program. There is no interest to structural dynamics such as mayoral handle, which decide the parameters of what the City Division of Education can do. There is no focus to the Widespread Core State Standards , which are alienating teachers from their profession and are alienating students from finding out.