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What You Need to Know About the PABX Telephone System When it comes down to telephone system there are two different kinds of systems that are used. The two most commonly used telephone systems are the public phone system and the PABX telephone system which is used for companies and commercial purposes. And there are actually three different methods that will be used by different phone companies in order to connect all of your telephone calls as well. Information on PABX The first kind of telephone system out there is the public switched telephone network which is the system that your phone at your home will be hooked up to. When your phone is connected to a PABX system then that means all of your calls will be routed to a central office where they will connect you to whoever you are trying to call and this is also the same for business networks as well.
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Then the PABX telephone system is used for businesses and this kind of system will be able to employ the use of many different phone lines which will all use the same phone number. In the past an operator would be needed when it comes down to using a PABX telephone system because when someone makes a cool it will be need to be transfer physically by the operator in order for the call to go to the right extension. Now an operator is no longer needed because with the PABX telephone system it is all done automatically so you will not have to worry about a thing because the moment you place a call it will go through without any assistance. There is a lot of different kinds of top notch PABX telephone systems out there using advanced technology but these systems are still expensive so when you call a company especially a smaller one you may be greeted by one of the older systems where you will have to physically dial in the extension yourself instead of it being done automatically. There are also different kinds of telephone systems out there that will have an operator to this for you as well. When you want to call someone there is a lot of different kinds of things that you will have to take into mind when it comes down to using the PABX telephone system because you will need to use a certain method to be able to call outside of the business and this usually means pushing a specific number and then wait for a dial tone so you can dial in the number of whomever you are trying to call. The Systems of the PABX Telephone Systems There is a lot to consider when using the PABX telephone system such as the fact that if you want to make a call you will have to make sure you are pressing the right button to ensure you are dialing an outside line or an inside line and that is the basics regarding the PABX telephone system.