Democrats Vs. Republicans And Differing Viewpoints

A: No. Several records that presidential candidates do not ordinarily release do stay confidential, but they are not sealed” by a court. Nor had he taken an education course in his life, getting accomplished no post-graduate education. That led to his moving up the ladder into management of Chicago’s public schools, again without getting taking a management or education course in his life. Despite his woeful lack of preparation, Duncan was named as Superintendent of Schools in Chicago in 2001 and served there till 2009 when he accepted Obama’s supply in Washington. One of the major issues with the Obama/Duncan plan was that they linked teacher’s raises and/or retention to enhanced test scores. That invites cheating and does absolutely nothing to improve the education of the children.

The only hope is that the subsequent president will choose an educator to lead the education approach who has much more vision and understands the difficulties that education is facing in the 21st Century. What I have a challenging time understanding is why you came to that conclusion soon after Obama prefaced the whole quote explaining the last sentence. The funny point is that the whole preface to the quote specifically explained the context Obama was placing the final sentence in. If the aspirations of the individuals who elected Obama as ignorance, it is not their fault.

It is action that matters and when you think about the actions of the Obama administration in total concerning Muslims it is very obvious there is a policy of appeasement, tolerance, and political correctness that has the potential for disastrous consequences. I never agree with all of what Obama says or does but I do respect his listening to all sides of anything before like going off half cocked invading countries based on assumptions. Obama sets foreign policy and the electorate place him in charge to take us away from the failed policies of the former administration.

Yeah, even although me and mr. deeds nearly always disagree, i am gonna have to agree right here: i’m quite positive that Obama just indicates he’s going to fight off government oppression of muslims if the tides turn that way. I am not ignorant and I am offended by this… I voted for President Obama and will do so once more… and if he could run for a third term I would vote for him once again. Ignore this truth at your own danger, and realize Obama could not be Muslim, but his father was and he no doubt feels much more welcoming to their message, or at least a lot more tolerant of it than most Americans. Obama supports rising funding for the Head Start off plan for preschool kids.

I didn’t defend Barack Obama I merely pointed out that there is no such quote in his book, then supplied you with a reference to the precise page and paragraph that most closely resembles your supposed quote. Sterns rep twisted factors by assigning McCain’s policies to Obama and vice versa, he even asked if they were ok with Obama’s operating mate Sara Palin.