“Coming To America”

World Education Services (WES) verifies and provides Canadian equivalent(s) for your international academic credential(s). The globe is moving on. It is when we want to wake up from our slumber that we will wake up. Fela, in a single of his songs, told us what to do. He reminded us that, as in other lands, it is the culture of our men and women that our schools must teach. Cheikh Anta Diop once asked: How can Africans really like Africa when they do not know Africa?” A century of European brainwashing through the education system has carried out its harm, and to get out of it is a long and hard process.

But his tune on that specific reform has changed considering that he became the idol of that exact same education establishment. No reform brief of unloading a dump-truck filled with hundred-dollar bills on the campus of each urban public college will resolve today’s education ills. He and his faithful readers think that the dollars not spent on education make all the distinction.

In Savage Inequalities he attempts to rebut what is perhaps the most well-liked critique among education reformers—that more than the previous 30 years there has been a doubling in genuine dollars in education spending and no substantial progress in education achievement measured in test scores or graduation rates. Higher spending need to lead to at least some education gains as long as the funds are effectively spent. Probably that doesn’t sound like a threat to the college education status quo, but it ought to.

In reality, though, the best argument against Kozol’s prescription is that the income spent on American public schools doubled over the past 30 years—yet outcomes in education have remained as savagely unequal as ever and will stay so till the incentives of urban schools are changed. So as not to sustain the model for which the structure has been originally created by oppressors, the oppressed should confront their perception of their globe. In addition, how to acquire a quantity of clients or lead generation is also taught extensively.

Projecting an absolute ignorance onto other individuals, a characteristic of the ideology of oppression, negates education and information as processes of inquiry. Education should commence with the solution of the teacher-student contradiction, by reconciling the poles of the contradiction so that each are simultaneously teachers and students. It is not surprising that the banking notion of education regards men as adaptable, manageable beings. Today’s college graduates not only require basic education but sensible capabilities also.