College Superintendents Sign Protest Against State Division Of Education

Tennessee citizens and taxpayers need to know how their government leaders are spending their tax dollars. Secondly is the concern of teacher remuneration and the consequent labour troubles in the profession. I am referring to the common situation of the teacher being in the classroom, ready and prepared to teach, and the learners also being there and prepared to learn. The separation of the education division into two has created the situation worse, due to the fact accountability is now further diluted.

Lastly there is the issue of the provision of the physical structures for providing education – there are nevertheless as well a lot of youngsters having to go to college below trees as an alternative of in classrooms. The principal issue in all of this is the one of accountability – government has not held any person accountable all down the line – from the public servants in the education departments, to the teachers, to the learners, and especially to the principals. Education and finding out need discipline and the government, for its personal factors, has preferred to dodge that issue.

Sorry about the rant, but I am passionate about education and really feel that the nation is becoming quick-changed in this regard. South Africa spends proportionately more than any other country in the world on education and yet, because of the situation of discipline and accountability we nonetheless have this difficulty. I consider education is going to turn into the ANC’s Achilles heel – the worst aspect of the lack of service delivery. You are right about the indoctrination of youth it’s 1 of the issues I never like about the education method (in America, I can not speak for other nations). The teacher cannot feel for her students, nor can she impose her thought on them.

And encounter is the ideal education for me. Theories are the foundations but when you happen to be really out there at the field of your specialization, those who have much more expertise will teach you to get familiar with the actual world of your industry. I discovered they might have dyslexic troubles, and searching additional I discovered their parents also had the exact same issues in their education expertise.

Related to what Jean Piaget defined as the finish goal of education: autonomy, both in the character and intellectual spheres. Education is about liberation and not indoctrination but you can only improve on freedom simply because freedom is an impossibility. The Tennessee legislature passed Senate Bill 27/Home Bill 138, the Individualized Education Act (IEA), an education savings account (ESA) system for kids with disabilities. Online Education Investors make much more the $1 million in Scholarships available to these in need to have.