Charter Schools In The Hotseat

Natalia Martinez went to a school board meeting Thursday, hoping to hear that the financially beset Palm Bay Neighborhood Charter School will be welcoming her kindergarten-age daughter this fall. If you believe the throwing money” myth, you have to also believe that richer youngsters are just genetically adapted to be educated even though poor little ones are not, and college funding doesn’t matter. The highest ranking school program in the globe according to the international PISA tests , Finland, has no charter schools Like quantity two ranked South Korea, private schools in Finland and elsewhere are supplemental after college and tutoring applications and not substitutes for public schools.

It is apparent that youngsters in reduce earnings households, homes with two functioning parents or a parent working much more than a single job, a property with parents who did not go to college, a residence with few books and a parent who has no time to study to them, will be disadvantaged in college. But advocates of private and charter schools do not concern themselves with socioeconomic circumstances of students, for that interferes with the bottom line.

However, even though there is always space for improvement in our schools, it really is clearly not our schools that are falling behind. Renaissance Charter School at Poinciana is a member of the Charter Schools USA loved ones of schools. Despite a financial crisis in Chicago Public Schools and increasingly organized opposition to the prospect of more charter schools, Chicago’s largest charter network has plans for a enormous expansion in the city, according to a successful grant application it submitted to the federal government.

The Noble Network of Charter Schools, which currently runs 16 schools and educates 10 % of all city high school students, plans to open eight far more high schools in Chicago in the next 5 years. Noble forecasts educating 6,000 more students for a total marketplace share” of 15 % of Chicago Public Schools’ higher school population. By 2020, the charter network projects its total revenues from CPS and the state will climb above $200 million annually for the education of 17,675 higher college students. Noble was one particular of just 12 charter networks in the nation selected to receive the grant.

In June, Noble announced that the charter school network was nixing a plan to find in Rogers Park , possibly at St. Jerome. Mark Kirk and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel each wrote letters in assistance of the federal grant, on official letterhead. Many Chicago higher schools this year have freshmen classes of just 20, 25, or 30 children — that’s the whole freshman class. Charter School Scandals – what a joke this is. It’s like the fox guarding the hen property!