Board Of Education Retirement System Of The City Of New York

When my youngest daughter was attending PS 6 on Manhattan’s upper east side, I asked the Principal, Carmen Farina , if I could start a lunch club for 4th and 5th graders to concentrate on ways kids could support other individuals, any age. The State Education Division and the Regents did not do even the most minimal reality checking, as Morris’ resume in his charter application did not match his Linked-in profile, nor did it align with earlier charter applications he had submitted to NYSED, beginning at the age of 18. Soon after his lies have been discovered, Dr.” Ted Morris resigned from the charter , but Tisch stated that the school would be opened anyway, with a board recruited from Craig’s List.

However the IBO evaluation in fact underestimated the inequities in public funding for charters vs. public schools, as it did not contain the reality that even though NYC public college budgets are tied to student need to have via the fair student funding” formula – such as the quantity of young children in poverty, with disabilities and/or English language learners – the charter school aid formula is not.

According to the DOE, far more than 7,000 NYC families received none of their prime options of public schools (up to ten) for Kindergarten subsequent year, even though the methodology for making the waiting lists is nonetheless unclear and for the very first time, DOE officials have refused to release comprehensive figures for the number of zoned waiting list Kindergarten students at every single person public school.

These provisions are not protections, but in fact provide unprecedented privileges to charters, as there are overcrowded communities in NYC that have waited twenty years for a new school to be built in their neighborhoods, but now any charter that wants to open up shop in a district and is authorized by the state will now be assured space free of charge.

But all of that was a prelude to what amounts to the most audacious attempted overhaul in the history of public education: Jack Welch consulting on the education of principals Caroline Kennedy passing the hat for private-sector donations standardized reading and math curricula imposed systemwide on the biggest, most diverse student population on the planet.