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Secondary EducationA Griffith degree in Secondary Education provides you the specialist grounding to work with learners undertaking their final compulsory years of college. In the academic year 2001-2002 2.three million students were becoming educated and 134,800 teachers were employed in six,000 education institutions. Vocational and technical secondary education consists of technical education schools for boys, technical education schools for girls, trade and tourism schools, religious education schools, multi-program higher schools, particular education schools, private education schools and health education schools. Secondary education is often referred as higher college education, since the schools are referred to as lyceum (tr: lise). In the United Kingdom secondary schools offer you secondary education covering the later years of schooling.

State secondary schools in England and Wales are classed as either (selective) grammar schools, (non-selective) extensive schools, city technologies colleges or academies. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, students typically transfer from principal college straight to secondary college at age 11. In a couple of parts of the UK there are middle schools for ages 9 to 13 (similar to American middle schools), and upper schools for ages 13-18. A handful of eight-12 middle schools, and 12-16 or 18 secondary schools nonetheless exist. Secondary education teachers work with youth and adolescents, and typically teach a single subject.

It is uncommon, but often secondary schools (specifically in South West Wales) can also be split into ‘Upper’ (ages 13-16) and ‘Lower’ secondary schools (ages 11-13). As portion of education in the United States, the definition of secondary education varies amongst school districts but usually comprises grades 6, 7, eight, and 9 through 12 grade 5 is often also integrated. There is only 1 board Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Larger Education, Pune.

The division into groups is deemed necessary, as until 2014, students who wishes to go to college had to take a University Entrance exam covering 3 subjects according to those listed groups. Given that 2015, the Ministry of Education has began an experimental plan to merge the Graduation Exam and University Entrance exam into 1. Secondary teachers may possibly opt to work at public, private or charter schools at the middle, junior high or higher college levels.Secondary Education

United States: high college (normally grades 9-12 but sometimes 10-12, it is also referred to as senior higher school) is usually regarded as secondary education junior higher college or middle college (six-8, 7-eight, 6-9, 7-9, or other variations) are often regarded as secondary education. Uruguay: Liceo or Secundaria (3 years of compulsory education: Ciclo Básico and 3 years of specialization: Bachillerato Diversificado, into: Humanities (Law or Economics), Biology (Medicine or Agronomy), Science (Engineering or Architecture), and Art. You may be questioning what the first step is to becoming a secondary education teacher.Secondary Education