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Wang lays out a four-component method that contains plans to expand pre-school and compulsory education greater equity in access to a great education enhanced quality of education and better information and assessment measures. According to education data, the ethnic group that regularly has the lowest high school completion rate is ________. Stress within the loved ones can have a significant negative effect on students and their capability to focus on understanding even though at school. An understanding of philosophy of education is essential for all of the following reasons except ________. The Wonderful Books of the Western World curriculum is most closely related with the philosophy of ________.

According to the text, your behavior as a teacher is strongly connected to your beliefs about all of the following except ________. Students who commit a great deal of time finding out by rote memorization most likely have a teacher who views knowledge as ________. A teacher who views information conceptually may well request that students understand all of the following, except ________. Progressivism is based on the belief that education ought to be student-centered and adhere to all of the following assumptions except ________.

The specialist ambitions a teacher sets are influenced by all of the following variables except ________. The present technique of public and private education in the United States is a representation of ________. The Massachusetts Act of 1642 was important in that it made education a responsibility of the ________. The organizations established in the early nineteenth century to train ladies for larger education and public service outside the residence were ________. The three common patterns of trends in American education during the twentieth century include all of the following except ________.

The education reforms that grew out of the student protests of the 1960s and 1970s led to numerous good modifications, but also tended to alienate all of the following groups except ________. In one particular of the nation’s most dramatic education reform efforts, the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) needed every of the state’s schools to type a school-primarily based management council to set policy in each of the following regions except ________.

Inside a state, the body usually charged with managing state monies appropriated for education is the ________. The federal government initiative identified as the Lanham Act provided funding for all of the following except ________. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government influence education in all of the following methods except ________.