A Vibrant Forecast For 2020

Professor Salah Sukkarieh and his group had been awarded $1.three million to bring futuristic technologies to life for the Education 2020 project. The specialist group proposes that the Basic Education Decree (852/1998) and the general national objectives and distribution of lesson hours (Government Decree 1435/2001) are combined in order to type a new government decree of fundamental education. Teacher Assistance Network Group has ready this Education Manifesto for 2015-2020 in response to alarming findings from our services, surveys and other study.

We and the education profession also have to play our component if the policies are to perform, so we have made individual pledges for policy makers and the education profession to make alongside our personal charity promises to help implement these objectives. Research recommend that more staff will continue working in education if they are supported with crucial challenges – such as pupil behaviour and workload ‘ and offered greater career prospects.

Education profession: Seek out instruction for the aspects of your job that you discover most challenging and encourage all of your colleagues to do the exact same. Teacher Support Network Group: We will campaign for training reform to concentrate on overall health and wellbeing and supply specialist instruction to assist education leaders attain this. Teacher Assistance Network Group: We will campaign for wellbeing policies to be implemented and will monitor progress via an annual health survey.

Our 2014 well being survey identified that people working in education institutions with a totally implemented employees wellbeing policy reported considerably decrease levels of anxiety, anxiety and depression. Education profession: Guarantee a staff wellbeing policy is properly implemented in your institution and that you frequently remind colleagues that their health and wellbeing is a priority.

Teacher Assistance Network Group: will campaign for wellbeing policies to be implemented and will monitor progress by way of an annual well being survey. Three quarters of UK adults believe schools are stressful areas to work and our investigation shows they are right Further research will aid, but let’s act on anxiety now so a lot more adults want to train and remain as employees in education. Teacher Help Network Group: We will campaign to raise the status of the education workforce.